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Ventrac Sidewalk Drop Spreader SA250

Best tool for sidewalk de-icing | Connects to most ATVs and compact tractors.

The Ventrac Sidewalk Drop Spreader is the ultimate tool for spreading an array of deicing materials with precision flow control. Designed with a narrow frame and a 40” drop pattern, this spreader is ideal for spreading material on sidewalks and other narrow walkways. Use it to spread coarse materials such as bulk salt, and sand, as well as free flowing material such pelletized material and calcium flakes.

  • Connects to ATVs and compact tractors with 2" receiver hitch or category 1 three-point hitch. 
  • Go three miles on one fill at typical application rates.  
  • Drops de-icing material evenly - reduces overall usage of de-icing materials. 
  • Made of stainless steel - not plastic - no rusting.  
  • No clog agitation system prevents sand/salt mix bridging.  
  • Adjust flow from your seat using the wireless remote control.  
  • 2-year warranty.

Click here for complete specs.

Interested?  Please call us at 612-333-3487 or send us an email by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

ventrac sidewalk spreader4L-R: High capacity doubles capacity | Loading the spreader | 40 inch drop pattern | Perfect for sidewalks 


 Free tool from Ventrac calibrates your spreader.

Ventrac's calculation tool determines your application rate and how far you will be able to go on a single hopper fill.

Click here to access the tool.

Click here to see a video on how to use the tool. 

sidewalker spreader4500


ventrac tractor attachment rental program

Cushman Rents Ventrac Tractor Attachments

Cushman Motor Company in Minneapolis offers a Ventrac tractor attachment rental program for Ventrac owners within our region.  Attachments available for rent include aerators, dozer blades, debris blowers, rotary brooms, slip scoops, sod cutters, stump grinders, tough cut mowers, trenchers and snow blowers.  Attachment rental is available for use with most Ventrac series 4000 and 3000 series tractors; some of the attachments will also work with certain Steiner tractor models.  Equipment must be picked up and returned during regular business hours (Monday through Friday. 8:00AM to 4:30PM) at Cushman headquarters located at 2909 East Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis.  A delivery and pick-up service is available on a limited basis in the metro area at the rate of $95 per rental load.

Please call 612-333-3487 to arrange your rental.  You can also email your attachment request to us by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

 ItemItem Number Description 4 Hours 1 Day1 Week
 hq680 tough cut mower  HQ680  Tough Cut Mower  $   60.00  $ 120.00  $ 480.00
 EB480 aerator  EB480  Aerator - Core Tine  $   45.00  $   90.00  $ 360.00
 KD602 Dozer blade  KD602  60" Dozer Blade  $   35.00  $   70.00  $ 280.00
 KA160 debris blower  KA160  Debris Blower  $   35.00  $   70.00  $ 280.00
 hb580 rotary broom  HB580  Rotary Broom  $   60.00  $ 120.00  $ 480.00
 he480 slip scoop  HE480  Slip Scoop  $   25.00  $   50.00  $ 200.00
 ec240 sod cutter  EC240  Sod Cutter  $   25.00  $   50.00  $ 200.00
 kc180 stump grinder  KC180  Stump Grinder  $   45.00  $   90.00  $ 360.00
 ky400 trencher  KY400  Trencher  $   60.00  $ 120.00  $ 480.00
 KX523 snow blower  KX523  Snow Blower  $   60.00  $ 120.00  $ 480.00


Ventrac compact tractors and attachments

Ventrac's Leaf Vacuum Collection and Debris Loader System

collect 3

The Ventrac RV602 vacuum collection system is perfect for Spring and Fall clean-up of grass, leaves and other small debris. The system is designed for use with a Ventrac 4000 series tractor and a side discharge mower. Standard features include all-steel construction, a collection boot for quick and easy attachment to the mowing deck and a storage stand with caster wheels. The collection system has three primary components:

1. A suction/blower system powered by a 10HP B&S Vanguard engine with electric start. The 8-inch diameter vacuum hose connects to a side discharge mower. It can be disconnected and used manually for vacuuming debris from flower beds or other confined areas.

2. A collection bin assembly that holds up to 16 cubic feet of debris. The bin has a window for viewing the debris level.

3. A hydraulic 300-pound capacity high-lift mechanism that raises the bin up to 60" and dumps to unload the contents into a garbage bin or trailer. It takes less than 10 seconds to raise and lower the bin.

Want a demo?  Give us a call at 612-333-3487 to set-up a showing - or scroll down and use the form to send us an email. 

Click "Play All" to see the video.  Click here to view the specification.

Ventrac Collection System - Key Features

ventrac collection 1

 vacuum system-2


Cushman Hauler Pro Electric - 50 Miles on a Single Charge - Infinitely Configurable

cushman hauler pro electric 

The Cushman Hauler Pro Electric is a long range beauty that goes up to 50 miles on a charge fully loaded. It's powered by a zero emission 72V AC electric drivetrain and comes standard with an on-board charger so you can re-charge wherever there is an outlet.  It seats two and will carry 1,000 pounds (tows 1,262 pounds).  A 9.6 cu-ft. dumping cargo box is standard or you can go with a larger all-aluminum 14.9 cu-ft. dumping cargo box.  Turf pros appreciate the optional limited slip differential which automatically engages for better traction in slippery wet conditions.  Click here for the specs.

Pictured below are just a few of the many possible ways this versatile vehicle can be configured.  Let us demo it for you.   Please give us a call at 612-333-3487 or 800-759-5343 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to send us an email.


hard cab titlecushman hauler pro with hard cab ladder tack tool box


van box medic




athletic field paint systems

Fleet athletic field paint and paint systems

Fleet Athletic Field Paint and Paint Systems - Best in Class

Cushman sells Fleet brand athletic field paint and paint systems.  Fleet products are the highest quality field marking products on the market.  Fleet products are used throughout the U.S. by K-12 school districts, colleges, municipalities, amateur athletic leagues and pro teams to stripe soccer fields, baseball fields, football fields, tracks and playgrounds. Fleet paints are long lasting with excellent rain resistance and extremely high visibility.  Our top sellers include the following:

Fastline Paint - Formulated for use on natural grass with virtually any field marking equipment that uses liquid (non-aerosol) paint.   Fastline paint is highly water soluble which causes the paint to mix easily and stay mixed with considerably less settling than other paints. It uses finely ground materials that are less abrasive than ingredients found in other paints. This means the paint is kinder to paint nozzles and other applicator parts so they last longer and resist clogging.  The paint contains some of the highest pigment levels used in the industry allowing you the flexibility of super high definition or extra economy just by adjusting your dilution ratio. Available in white, red, blue, yellow or any custom color.  Can be ordered in 3 gallon jugs or 55 gallon drums.  

Ultimate Line Paint - Used with Fleet's "Line Racer" field marking system (see below) on natural grass fields.  No dilution required.  Comes in one gallon jugs.  One gallon will mark an entire soccer field. VOC free.  Available in a range of colors.

Line Racer - Fleet's Economy Athletic Field Marking System

line racerThe Line Racer is a compact battery-powered unit that offers the convenience of an aerosol can-type machine with the performance of a big sprayer. It uses Ultimate Line paint, sealed one-gallon jugs of paint that plug cleanly into the machine. One jug can mark an entire soccer field.  The system features a two-jug capacity, steel chassis, pneumatic tires and roller bearing wheels, adjustable line width from two to six inches, a Shurflo pump, high performance battery and ergonomically designed handlebars.




Fleet Kombi - Combination Field Marking System and Pesticide Sprayer

kombiThe Kombi is superb field marking device. It has a heavy duty battery that offers eight hours of continuous operation.  The system features a 6.5 gallon tank, steel chassis, simple to use on-off switch, line width adjustment of 1.4 to 4 inches, and a diaphragm pump that delivers enough paint to mark with two nozzles for hash marks or running tracks.  Use it in conjunction with Fleet's Fastline paint for best results.

Add accessories such as the hand lance or spray boom and the Kombi transforms into a simple and effective pesticide sprayer. 

Click here to see a video of the Kombi in action.



Cushman Custom Configures Utility Vehicles for Athletic Field Marking Purposes

mule painterCushman Motor Company's Service Department works with high schools, park systems, colleges and universities to solve their athletic field striping needs.   For example, we outfitted the utility vehicle pictured at left with a detachable field marking system that allowed this large university to rapidly stripe multiple fields.  The system is easily removed allowing the vehicle to be used for other purposes as needed.





Click here to visit the Fleet web site.

Need a demo?  Have questions?  Please call us at 612-333-3487 or 1-800-759-5343.  Or fill out the form below to send us an email.

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