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snow plow tractors

ventrac steiner holder four wheel tractors with snow blowers (L-R: Holder with sweeper and de-icing gear, Ventrac with heated cab and hydraulic v-blade; Steiner with snowblower; Ventrac with cab and sweeper)

Snow Plow Tractors | Snow Blower Tractors | Snow Sweepers | Deicers | Drop Spreaders

Snow removal equipment by Ventrac, Steiner and Holder

All of our industrial grade Ventrac, Steiner and Holder snow plow tractors have superior snow and ice removal capabilities due to their maneuverability, traction, power and ease of use.  These rugged, 4X4 compact tractors offer heated cabs, ergonomically designed seats, easy to access controls and a wide assortment of snow removal attachments.  These are all-season tractors. When the snow stops, these snow plow tractors become mowers, dozers, aerators, debris blowers and more.

 Want a demo?  Just call us at 612-333-3487 or send us an email using the form at the bottom of this page.  Look for used?  Click here.

 Center Articulating Frame - Minimizes Space Required for Turning

Are you clearing snow from public spaces with lots of obstacles in the way like trash receptacles, lighting structures, planter boxes and more?  Then you need the exceptional maneuverability that comes from using a snow plow tractor with a center articulating frame. Unlike skid steers or straight frame tractors, our Ventrac, Steiner and Holder snow plow tractors all feature a center articulating frame.  This means the tractor frame pivots in the center which allows the rear wheels to follow in the same path as the front wheels.  This minimizes the space required to turn. 

 Center Oscillating Frame - Provides Best Traction

Are you clearing areas where you are constantly going up and down curbs? Or areas with lots of uneven surfaces? Then you need a compact tractor with a center oscillating frame. A center oscillating frame keeps all four wheels in contact with the ground providing you with maximum traction at all times. Ventrac, Steiner and Holder snow plow tractors all feature a center oscillating frame.

ventrac tractors

ventrac400 snowblower     

steiner tractors

steiner440 snowblower   

holder tractors

holder plowing snow    

snow plow tractor attachments commercial tractor mounted snowblowers and snow brooms

snowblowers brooms

Ventrac snowblower tractor (left) and sweeper (second from left); Holder snowblower tractor with Zaugg snowblower (third from left) and snow sweeper (fourth from left); Steiner snowblower tractor (second from right) and Steiner broom (right).

tractor mounted blades, v-blades and scoops

ventrac, steiner and holder four wheel drive tractors removing snow with blades, v-blades and buckets

Ventrac snow plow tractor with v-blade (left), power angle blade (second from left), and dozer blade (third from left).  Holder snowplow tractor with folding v-plow (fourth from left) and straight angle plow (third from right).  Steiner snow plow tractor with angle blade (second from right) and loader (far right).

spreaders deicing3

snow plow tractor spreaders deicersVentrac sidewalk drop spreader (far left); Ventrac sidewalk drop spreader (second from left); Ventrac 4000 spreader (third from left); Ventrac 3000 spreader (fourth from left). Holder spreader (second from right); Holder de-icing system (far right)

Questions?  Please call us at 612-333-3487 or 1-800-759-5343.  Or fill out the form below to send us an email.

tractor mowers

All-Season Tractor Mowers - Ideal for Contractors and Parks Professionals

Cushman Motor Company sells Ventrac, Steiner and Holder commercial grade compact tractors and their associated tractor mounted mowing decks. We also sell parts and offer factory trained service.  Our tractor mowers are rugged high performance machines designed for the turf care and parks professional who must handle every type of mowing challenge. Ventrac, Steiner and Holder are true all-season compact tractors that do it all.  Why limit your investment to just mowing when you can use our tractors to aerate, sweep, move snow and much more.

articulated oscillating-tractorcenter articulated frame

A center articulating frames means better maneuverability. Unlike a zero turn mower, skid-steer, or straight frame tractor – the rear wheels of an articulated tractor follow in the same path of the front wheels. Result: Front or rear attachments follow the same path as the tractor, minimizing the space required to turn and reducing the likelihood of hitting an obstacle.  Gentle on turf - Not only do the rear tires follow the path of the front tires, but the tires at the outside of the turning circle always travel at the appropriate speed relative to the tires at the inside of the turning circle. Result: Reduced turf disturbance, helping you to maintain a healthier lawn.

center oscillating frame

An articulated tractor with an oscillating frame keeps all 4 drive tires on the ground even on the roughest of terrain. Result: Maximum traction when you need it the most, increasing your agility and safety on slopes and rough terrain.

Want a demo?  Just call us and we'll be happy to set one up for you.  612-333-3487 or 800-759-5343.  Or send us an email by scrolling down and filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

ventrac tractor mowers 1

ventrac 4x4 compact tractor mounted mowersVentrac tractor mowers (left to right) - Tough cut handles high brush; side discharge on steep slope; rear discharge with striping; rear discharge in city park; tough cut in high grass. Ventrac Tractor Mower Videos

  • Ventrac Tractor Mowing on a 30 degree slope.  See the video.
  • Side and Rear Discharge Finish Mowers - 60" or 72" cutting widths on the 4000 series tractor. Full length rear roller maximizes striping while eliminating scalping.  See the video.
  • Tough Cut Tractor Mowers - Cuts high weeds, grass and small saplings up to 1/2 inch in diameter.  See the video.
  • Field Mowers - 45 inch cutting width for the ventrac 3000 series tractor.  See the video.
  • Reel mowers - 74 inch width cutting width and variable speed hydraulics.  See the video.
  • Contour mowers - 84" working width.  Easily mow 50-60 acres per week trouble free.  See the video.

steiner tractor mowers 1

Steiner mowersSteiner tractor mowers (left to right) - Rough cut mower: four images of Steiner side and rear discharge mowers

Steiner Tractor Mower Videos

  • Side or Rear Discharge Mulching Mower - This mowing deck comes in 48", 60" or 72" cutting widths.  Add separate blade and baffle options to the side discharge version and it becomes a rear or mulching mower.  See the video.
  • Rough Cut Mower - 70 inch cutting width.  This mower cuts through tall, dense growth and 1" woody stems. Chains at the front opening and counter-rotating discs move material freely to the rear discharge.  See the video.

 holder tractor mowers 1holder tractor mowersHolder tractors mowers - rotary and flail.

Holder Tractor Mower Videos

  • Holder C992 with flail mower in rough terrain and heavy brush.  See the video.
  • Holder C 992 with 169" Power Arm and 39" Flail Head mowing roadsides.  See the video.

utility vehicles header 

utility vehicles 5

Utility Vehicles 

Low Speed | Off Highway | Gas - Diesel - Electric | Parts | Factory Trained Service

Cushman Motor Company sells a wide selection of new and used off-highway, low-speed gas, diesel and electric utility vehicles, trucks, refuse vehicles, vans and shuttles. Durability, low operating cost and easy maneuverability on crowded campuses, factory floors and storage yards are the hallmarks of these vehicles. We sell utility vehicles made by Cushman-Textron, Columbia Parcar and Vantage Vehicles.  This includes a full line of street legal all-electric zero emission vehicles, as well as the 3-wheeled Go-4 campus security vehicle made by Westward. We offer parts, vehicle customization services and factory trained service on all the vehicles we sell.

Utility vehicles pictured above include (L-R); Cushman 1600XD; Columbia Summit Utility; Cushman 1600XD4; Vantage Vehicles Truckall; Cushman Minute Miser.

Please scroll down to see our range of Utility Vehicles

hauler pro ER

Looking for an Extended Range electric utility vehicle?

The 2014 Cushman Hauler Pro will go up to 50 miles on a single charge. This 72 volt zero emission utility vehicle features a wide footprint for reduced turf compaction, a 9.6 cubic foot dumping cargo box, integrated headlights, a dash area functional enough to actually hold stuff and a standard on-board charger - recharge wherever there is an outlet.  1,000 pound vehicle load? Check.  Need a bigger cargo box?  Go with the 14.9 cubic foot aluminum dumper.  Plenty of great options available. 

vantage primo with biggest truck bed

Do you need a big cargo bed for your campus?

Try the Vantage Primo.  This gas powered, low-speed, 1,940 pound payload, 4x4 utility truck features a 93"X 50" cargo bed with plenty of comfort for the crew: Heat, A/C, power windows, power steering, CD player and radio. 


cushman minute miser

Looking for industrial utility vehicles used in warehouses for moving heavy loads?  Click here.

Looking for used utility vehicles?  Click here. 

 off highway low speed utility vehicles

gas utility

Some of the utility vehicles we offer include (left to right): Cushman Haulster in action; Cushman Haulster; Cushman 1600XD; Cushman refuse vehicle; Cushman Hauler X in action; Cushman Hauler X; Cushman 1600XD in action.   Most of the utility vehicles are gas or electric powered, but some can be configured with a diesel engine.

off highway low speed passenger shuttles gas electric

gas shuttles

We offer Cushman-Textron's full line of gas powered shuttles and carts including (left to right): Cushman Shuttle 2 in action; Cushman Shuttle 2; Cushman Shuttle 4; Cushman Shuttle 6; Cushman Shuttle 4X; and the Cushman Shuttle 6 in action.  All-electric versions of these vehicles are available as well.

off highway low speed 4x4 trucks vans

gas truckvan

Cushman in Minneapolis offers Vantage Vehicles full line gas powered low speed trucks and vans, including (left to right): Vantage Vango cargo van; Vantage Vango passenger van; Vantage Primo truck; Vantage Primo window van; Vantage Primo cargo van; Vantage Truckall truck; and the Vantage Truckall crew cab.   Note that the Vantage Primo series vehices are true four-wheel drive vehicles.  We also off Vantage Vehicles full line of all electric zero emission vehicles.

Would you like a demo?  Please call us at 612-333-3487 or fill out the form below to send us an email.

industrial warehouse vehicles tuggers stock chasers

Warehouse Vehicles | Motorized Tuggers |Stockchasers | Industrial Vehicles

Manufactured by Cushman Textron and Columbia Parcar

Cushman Motor Company is a top Minnesota dealership for industrial warehouse vehicles made by Cushman Textron and Columbia Parcar.  We have a long-term relationship with both manufacturers and offer factory trained service, parts and financing.  Our motorized stockchasers, tugs, burden movers and personnel carriers are built like tanks and last for years and years. These industrial vehicles are designed for moving heavy loads and passengers across factory floors, warehouses and industrial yards. The narrow widths of the vehicles make them ideal for passing through narrow doorways and between crowded storage shelves.  These all electric, battery powered, zero emission warehouse vehicles can be used indoors or on paved outdoor areas. We sell new and used equipment - we also offer vehicle rentals in the Twin Cities metro area. 

Need parts?  Would you like a demo?  Please contact us by calling 612-333-3487 or 800-759-5343 or shoot us an email by scrolling down and filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

cushman haulerx

Looking for Utility vehicles?  Click here.  

Looking for Used?  Click here.  

Looking to Rent a vehicle? Click here. 

industrial vehicles stockchaser burden movers

burden carriers

We carry stock chasers and burden movers including the Cushman Titan (far left),  the Cushman Stock Chaser (second from left), the Columbia Stockchaser (second from right) and the Columbia Payloader (far right). 

t-personnel carriers

personnel carriers

We carry one and two-person personnel carriers including the Cushman Minute Miser (left), the Columbia Chariot (middle) and the Columbia Expiditer (right).


tow tug

We carry electric motorized tow tugs and tuggers including the Cushman Tug (left) and the Columbia Tugger (right).

t electric vehicles

electric vehicles

Electric Trucks

Low-Speed Electric Utility Vehicles for Moving People and Materials | NEV Vehicles

Are you looking to lower your carbon footprint?  Cushman offers all-electric, zero-emission, low-speed vehicles (LSVs) made by Columbia Parcar, Cushman-Textron and Vantage Vehicles.  We sell new and used electric vehicles and offer factory trained service on all of the vehicles we sell.  These tough and durable electric trucks, passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, carts and shuttles provide year round low operating cost transportation. 

Many of these electric vehicles are NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) class, which means they are street legal and can be licensed for operation on public roads with posted speeds of 35 mph or less.  Cushman sells off-highway gas powered versions of most of these vehicles too - click here.

Cushman has been a leading supplier of electric vehicles to college and corporate campuses for many years.  We are very knowledgeable about how well these all-electric vehicles perform in our cold climate. Take advantage of our experience to help you choose the most appropriate vehicle for your specific need.

Please scroll down to see our complete line of zero emission electric utility vehicles. Gas powered vehicles also available.

2014 hauler pro electric utility vehicle2014 Hauler Pro Electric - Up to 50 Miles per Charge!

The 72-volt electric Hauler Pro is designed for the park maintenance worker who needs to cover a lot of miles each day. The Hauler Pro will go up to 50 miles on a single charge.  Need easy recharging? The a standard on-board charger means you can recharge wherever there is an outlet.  Do you work at an Assisted Living facility or Nursing Home where vehicle noise disturbs your residents?  The Hauler Pro is whisper quiet.  The vehicle offers standard features such as turf tires, a wide footprint that reduces turf compaction, headlamps, a big functional dash and a 9.6 cubic foot dumping cargo bay. Options include a limited slip differential which automatically engages for better traction in slippery wet conditions and a larger 14.9 cubic foot all-aluminum dumping cargo bay.  

Click here to see the Hauler Pro in action.

cushman minute miserLooking for electric vehicles used in warehouses?  Click here.

Click here to see our inventory of used electric utility vehicles.

t street legal trucks

street legal trucksvans

All of these electric trucks and vans are street legal NEV class with top speeds of 25 MPH (some can be set-up for higher speeds).  These electric trucks can be be configured with standard beds, drop side beds, dumpers and more.  The electric vans can be configured for two to four passengers. These low gross weight vehicles are very useful in park operations where there is a need to avoid turf compaction.

The electric trucks pictured above from left to right include: Columbia "Mega" cargo van; Vantage "Green Truck" cargo van; Columbia "Mega" truck with tilt bed; Columbia "Mega" with cargo bed; Columbia "Mega" with refuse hauler; Vantage "Green Truck" 2-passenger truck.

t street legal passenger

street legal passenger

These zero emission street legal NEV electric vehicles are perfect for quickly transporting people and goods around town or campus.  All of these electric vehicles are highly maneurvable with a tiny turning radius and easy operation.  Two, four and six passenger vehicles are available. 

The electric passenger vehicles pictured above from left to right include:  Columbia "Summit"; Columbia "Eagle"; Columbia "Eagle"; Cushman LSV-800; Vantage "Green" crew cab; Vantage "Green" passenger van.

t utility

electric utility

These zero emission electric utility vehicles are great for hauling people and materials.  They work great indoors (no exhaust fumes) or out, hauling heavy loads inside large facilities, across construction sites or the spread out campus.  Easy to operate with very low annual operating costs - these are workhorses that last for years.

The electric utility vehicles pictured above left to right include: Cushman "Hauler"; Cushman "Hauler"; Cushman "Hauler X"; Columbia "Utilitruck"; Columbia "Scout"; Columbia "Summit Utility".

t shuttles

electric shuttles

Need to quickly move small groups of people inside an enclosed area or outside across a campus?  Go with an all-electric passenger shuttle - these electric vehicles can be configured to comfortably move up to six people.  Many of these golf cart style passenger shuttles feature extra large cargo areas and/or higher ground clearance for moving across uneven surfaces.

The electric passenger shuttles pictured above left to right include:  Cushman "Shuttle 2"; Cushman "Shuttle 4X"; Cushman "Shuttle 6"; Columbia Shuttle.

We also rent many of the electric vehicles pictured above.  Need a demo?  Please call us at 612-333-3487 or fill out the form below to send us an email.

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