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snow plow tractors

ventrac steiner holder four wheel tractors with snow blowers (L-R: Holder with sweeper and de-icing gear, Ventrac with heated cab and hydraulic v-blade; Steiner with snowblower; Ventrac with cab and sweeper)

Superior 4X4 Multi-Function Snow Plow Tractors - Ventrac, Steiner and Holder

All of our commercial and industrial grade Ventrac, Steiner and Holder snow plow tractors have superior snow and ice removal capabilities due to their maneuverability, traction, power and ease of use.  These rugged, 4X4 compact tractors offer ergonomically designed seats, easy to access controls and a wide assortment of snow removal attachments and options including heated cabs, snow blowers, snow plows (straight blades or v-blades), sweepers/brooms, scoops, sanders and de-icers.  And don't forget, these are all-season tractors: When the snow stops, these tractors become mowers, dozers, aerators, debris blowers and more.

Want a demo?  Just call us at 612-333-3487 (or send us an email using the form at the bottom of this page) and we'll set one up for you.   Look for used?  Click here.

articulating oscillating frames

center articulated frameAre you clearing snow from public spaces with lots of obstacles in the way like trash receptacles, lighting structures, planter boxes and more?  Then you need the exceptional maneuverability that comes from using a snow plow tractor with a center articulating frame. Unlike skid steers or straight frame tractors, our Ventrac, Steiner and Holder tractors all feature a center articulating frame.  This means the tractor frame pivots in the center which allows the rear wheels to follow in the same path as the front wheels.  This also means that the snow moving attachments - like snow blowers or blades or sweepers - follow the same path as the tractor, minimizing the space required to turn and reducing the likelihood of hitting an obstacle.

center oscillating frame
Are you clearing areas where you are constantly going up and down curbs? Or areas with lots of uneven surfaces? Then you need a compact tractor with a center oscillating frame. A center oscillating frame keeps all four wheels in contact with the ground providing you with maximum traction at all times. Ventrac, Steiner and Holder tractors all feature a center oscillating frame.

snow plow tractor videos

Ventrac snow removal videos:

1. Using the Ventrac KX525 snow blower to clear deep snow off city sidewalks and driveways.

2. Ventrac's snow management solution for contractors.

Steiner snow removal videos:

1. Steiner's snow removal solution.

2. Moving deep snow with a Steiner loader.

Holder snow removal videos:

1. Holder 242 with angle blade clears parking lot at night.

2. Holder 992 snowblowing deep wet snow drift

snow plow tractor attachments commercial tractor mounted snowblowers and snow brooms

snowblowers brooms

Ventrac tractor mounted snowblower (left) and sweeper (second from left); Holder with Zaugg snowblower (third from left) and Holder sweeper (fourth from left); Steiner tractor mounted snowblower (second from right) and Steiner broom (right).

tractor mounted blades, v-blades and scoops

ventrac, steiner and holder four wheel drive tractors removing snow with blades, v-blades and buckets

Ventrac v-blade (left), Ventrac power angle blade (second from right), Ventrac with dozer blade (third from right); Holder with folding v-plow (third from right), Holder with straight angle plow (second from right); Steiner with loader (right).

spreaders deicing3

deicing sandersVentrac 4000 spreader (far left); Ventrac 3000 spreader (second from left); Holder spreader (third from left); Holder de-icing system (far right)

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