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t electric vehicles

electric vehicles

Electric Trucks

Low-Speed Electric Utility Vehicles for Moving People and Materials | NEV Vehicles

Are you looking to lower your carbon footprint?  Cushman offers all-electric, zero-emission, low-speed vehicles (LSVs) made by Columbia Parcar, Cushman-Textron and Vantage Vehicles.  We sell new and used electric vehicles and offer factory trained service on all of the vehicles we sell.  These tough and durable electric trucks, passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, carts and shuttles provide year round low operating cost transportation. 

Many of these electric vehicles are NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) class, which means they are street legal and can be licensed for operation on public roads with posted speeds of 35 mph or less.  Cushman sells off-highway gas powered versions of most of these vehicles too - click here.

Cushman has been a leading supplier of electric vehicles to college and corporate campuses for many years.  We are very knowledgeable about how well these all-electric vehicles perform in our cold climate. Take advantage of our experience to help you choose the most appropriate vehicle for your specific need.

Please scroll down to see our complete line of zero emission electric utility vehicles. Gas powered vehicles also available.

2014 hauler pro electric utility vehicle2014 Hauler Pro Electric - Up to 50 Miles per Charge!

The 72-volt electric Hauler Pro is designed for the park maintenance worker who needs to cover a lot of miles each day. The Hauler Pro will go up to 50 miles on a single charge.  Need easy recharging? The a standard on-board charger means you can recharge wherever there is an outlet.  Do you work at an Assisted Living facility or Nursing Home where vehicle noise disturbs your residents?  The Hauler Pro is whisper quiet.  The vehicle offers standard features such as turf tires, a wide footprint that reduces turf compaction, headlamps, a big functional dash and a 9.6 cubic foot dumping cargo bay. Options include a limited slip differential which automatically engages for better traction in slippery wet conditions and a larger 14.9 cubic foot all-aluminum dumping cargo bay.  

Click here to see the Hauler Pro in action.

cushman minute miserLooking for electric vehicles used in warehouses?  Click here.

Click here to see our inventory of used electric utility vehicles.

t street legal trucks

street legal trucksvans

All of these electric trucks and vans are street legal NEV class with top speeds of 25 MPH (some can be set-up for higher speeds).  These electric trucks can be be configured with standard beds, drop side beds, dumpers and more.  The electric vans can be configured for two to four passengers. These low gross weight vehicles are very useful in park operations where there is a need to avoid turf compaction.

The electric trucks pictured above from left to right include: Columbia "Mega" cargo van; Vantage "Green Truck" cargo van; Columbia "Mega" truck with tilt bed; Columbia "Mega" with cargo bed; Columbia "Mega" with refuse hauler; Vantage "Green Truck" 2-passenger truck.

t street legal passenger

street legal passenger

These zero emission street legal NEV electric vehicles are perfect for quickly transporting people and goods around town or campus.  All of these electric vehicles are highly maneurvable with a tiny turning radius and easy operation.  Two, four and six passenger vehicles are available. 

The electric passenger vehicles pictured above from left to right include:  Columbia "Summit"; Columbia "Eagle"; Columbia "Eagle"; Cushman LSV-800; Vantage "Green" crew cab; Vantage "Green" passenger van.

t utility

electric utility

These zero emission electric utility vehicles are great for hauling people and materials.  They work great indoors (no exhaust fumes) or out, hauling heavy loads inside large facilities, across construction sites or the spread out campus.  Easy to operate with very low annual operating costs - these are workhorses that last for years.

The electric utility vehicles pictured above left to right include: Cushman "Hauler"; Cushman "Hauler"; Cushman "Hauler X"; Columbia "Utilitruck"; Columbia "Scout"; Columbia "Summit Utility".

t shuttles

electric shuttles

Need to quickly move small groups of people inside an enclosed area or outside across a campus?  Go with an all-electric passenger shuttle - these electric vehicles can be configured to comfortably move up to six people.  Many of these golf cart style passenger shuttles feature extra large cargo areas and/or higher ground clearance for moving across uneven surfaces.

The electric passenger shuttles pictured above left to right include:  Cushman "Shuttle 2"; Cushman "Shuttle 4X"; Cushman "Shuttle 6"; Columbia Shuttle.

We also rent many of the electric vehicles pictured above.  Need a demo?  Please call us at 612-333-3487 or fill out the form below to send us an email.

Cushman Motor Company - Minneapolis

Cushman Motor Company is an independent family owned business.  We've been supplying our customers with a broad variety of vehicles and other forms of equipment from the same location in Minneapolis since 1949.  In our early years, we were most closely identified with Cushman brand scooters, motorcycles and golf carts.  Since that time, we've changed our focus from a supplier of recreational vehicles in the Twin Cities to a multi-faceted supplier of industrial equipment to customers throughout the Midwest. 

Cushman Motor Company is an authorized distributor of 4X4 compact tractors manufactured by the Ventrac, Steiner and Holder companies.  We sell Columbia, Cushman, Vantage and Westward brand passenger vehicles, electric vehicles, utility vehicles, low-speed trucks, vans and shuttles.   We sell Ryan, Billy Goat and Fleet grounds care equipment and the Fleet brand of athletic field paint and field painting systems. We sell Columbia and Cushman brand warehouse and factory vehicles.   

We offer a full line of parts that we can ship anywhere and factory trained in-house mechanics who service all the brands we sell.   There are many reasons why we've been able to stick around for more than 60 years with the top three being honesty, integrity and a true commitment to old fashioned "we'll take care of it for you" customer service. 

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